So Many Home Business Ideas!

Home business ideas are everywhere!!

The desire to work at home continues to grow and so do the number of people and companies hoping to capitalize on that desire. That is why this site will be helpful!

There is no way I could possibly review every available home business idea. The list of endeavors for the work-at-home entrepreneur is endless.

Affiliate marketing, network marketing , wholesale/drop ship, data entry, paid surveys, mystery shopping, e-bay marketing, travel, and on and on. How is a person to choose?

There is no formula for choosing the home business idea that is right for you . But a home based business offers options not available with many types of self employment.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you take the leap of faith into the realm of home based self employment.

1. Why are you looking to earn income from home?

2. Are you looking to supplement your full time income or hoping to replace your full time job?

3. How much time do you have to devote to your business? Of course, you then need to be realistic about the type of business you plan to start.

4. Will you have enough time and will it be worth it?

5. What kind of income do you need to earn--not just to survive, but to live comfortably?

If you have had any experience in a home based business (good or bad) we would like to know about it. Tell us in your own words about your experience and we will compile a list here for visitors to access.

I cannot, however, endorse any home based business that I have not been a part of myself.

Eventually, we will have quite a database of real experiences from motivated people who took a chance and either learned about opportunities that were really "too good to be true," or discovered the success a home based business promised.

Now, if you are seeking a more original route to home based business bliss, perhaps you can develop an idea from scratch. Find a "niche" and fill it, or improve on a concept and make it your niche. Many successful entrepreneurs took an idea and simply made it better and found their freedom from the 9 to 5.

Of course, it isn't all wine and roses (sometimes more like whine and thorns) but if the concept is built on a real market your idea could propel you to the business success every self employed person seeks.

So, have fun brainstorming for ideas. If you have tried and failed--or succeeded--in a home based business we want to know. So, go forth and be prosperous!!

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