What Can Affiliate Marketing
Do For You?

A simple definition of affiliate marketing is the use of one website to generate traffic to another. It's all about promotion via the internet through content on websites, in blogs or e-mails.

It's always been big business in the online world, but once major companies began to realize how easy it is to significantly increase their marketing reach by simply sharing a small portion of their sales the affiliate marketing landscape has exploded.

Although a relatively new marketing practice, top companies in major industries have embraced this type of online marketing. E-retailer Amazon.com owes much of it's success to thousands of affiliate partnerships.

There are many benefits to using affiliates for marketing. Much of the advertising process can be automated so--once set up--most programs will operate on auto pilot. Since payment is made only for desired results (a client wanting more information or making a purchase) this form of marketing is more cost effective than any type of advertising.

However, much of the risk is shifted to the affiliate partner when you enter into an agreement to be paid for performance only. OK, I know what you are saying. What does all this mean to me? Well, hopefully, you will select online business partners who will have the greatest impact on your business.

Think about your visitors and ask yourself:

* What other products or services would they want to see on my website?

* Are these affiliates competing directly with me?

* Will these affiliates take me into untapped markets?

* Is the company well known enough, but not overly marketed throughout the internet?

* Does the company offer professional looking banners and text links?

Do your research and then track the performance of the affiliates you decide to partner with. Keep the ones performing well and replace the ones that aren't. It's a fact that all affiliate programs will not deliver equally. Most will not be worthy of space on your website month after month.

Besides financial success, you want to know that the affiliates you've exposed your visitors to are operating with integrity and delivering as near to what they promise.
And always leave a way for your visitors to give you feedback about the affiliates they have contacted on your website.

One thing is for sure. The number of companies offering affiliate marketing partnerships will continue to increase. Find the ones that work well with your niche business and you will experience many happy financial returns.

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