You Need A Business Plan
For Your Niche Business!

I have not been looking forward to writing a page about the importance of a business plan. Not because it was difficult, but because--much like writing the plan--the subject is not very exciting.

But it is perhaps the single most important reason one business survives when others fail. Without a plan how will you gauge changes in your market or your financial situation? You need to be able to identify those areas of your business that need adjusting and be able to make the adjustment before it is too late.

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Initially, it should take you several weeks of study and research to produce a good plan, which you should update and analyze monthly. You should never rush because the quality and appearance are as important as the ideas presented in the plan.

A recent survey concluded that less than half of businesses have a plan, or strategy, for their businesses success. Do you have an idea or a niche that you hope to turn into a business?

A plan demonstrates your commitment to turning your idea into a real live operating business, and--much like a road map--leads you through traffic jams and detours and keeps you on track for your ultimate goal--success.

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