Is There A Secret To Niche Marketing?

Hello. I know why you are here. You came to find the "niche marketing secret" that will open the floodgates of unlimited wealth. I am not going to waste your time and build up the suspense for a huge letdown.

I will reveal the secret formula right now. Are you ready? Here it is. There is no niche marketing secret!! Let me say that again, for those of you who didn't get it the first time. THERE IS NO SECRET FORMULA!!

Now, to those of you who might be thinking, "hey, you just threw your whole website under the bus," let me just reassure you that my site is not dedicated to revealing the holy grail of niche business ideas. If, however, in the process of clicking through you find enough valuable information that you feel the "secret" has been revealed, then my work is done!

But I don't think you believe there is one definitive e-book, software, affiliate program, traffic generation guru or any magic wands of business marketing. You have probably been just as frustrated as me to go looking for information on Google only to click on links that were nothing more than glorified sales pitches for the one and only magic pill of marketing success. Let me say that any business is work. The steps to success are pretty similar whether the business is online or off line brick and mortar. A concept goes from dream to idea to business plan to startup to marketing and advertising to opening to struggle to growth and then--if successful enough--to expansion.

Shortcuts to success are only temporary. The one constant is advertising and marketing although the type of campaign could change as the business gets bigger, the basic idea is to keep the name and concept of the business in front of as many new customers as possible. I will not endorse one single source of marketing material. I will examine many business marketing sources and will provide links to many here on

I welcome feedback on any of the affiliates I choose to provide you access to. If you have had experiences with any of my affiliates--good or bad--I would like to hear about them. Likewise, anything that you have found successful and worth mentioning to my visitors please feel free to share.

You will see many great resources here to help you start, market and grow your business. But the secret of success is within you. Your secret is different from the man or woman up the street or the person in another state. There are many great books, videos and advice available to you. I hope to be just one rung on your ladder to success. If you can find just one tidbit here to call your niche marketing secret than I have done my job.

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