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There are dozens of social bookmarking sites out there in cyberspace with many new ones being created every week.

Saving links in online communities has created this internet inspired phrase that refers to sites created by people who want to share common interests and ideas. Sounds like networking to me! And, yes, you will find many of these sites devoted specifically to the business oriented person. However, I should point out that there are just as many that are not business friendly, and if you are too persistent with a business message you could risk being blocked from participation.

Now I must admit I have had limited exposure to these online communities, but it is an interesting business promotion avenue. The key to using this method of advertising is to be sincere in your participation. Add relevant comments and information, share important links, website addresses or any other helpful information with potential new friends or business associates and you will be welcomed into this online world. Start by registering with a few sites. Post some valuable content in a blog or subscribe to the blog of a member who's subject matter you are sincerely interested in. Hold back on the business promotion until you have established a rapport with the community.

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One final thing to remember is that although these are online communities, the human factor still plays an important role in your success. Interact with people you are genuinely interested in and share useful information with others and you will find many new places to market your business online.

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