What I Have Learned So Far
About Traffic Building

Traffic is the one thing that no website can survive without. Traffic building secrets are a dime a dozen. But are any of the so-called secrets really all that secret? Not really.

Look, I have learned a lot about building a website. I have learned about the magic of making your content pre-sell and blogging to market your niche business and seo and...well, I am still learning more about traffic building as part of the magical world of online marketing.

Building traffic is about a lot of things. Mostly it is about consistency. Everything that you do on your website needs to contribute to the ultimate goal. Do you know what it is? No, it's not what you think.

Satisfy your visitor!! Give them something worth seeing. Once at your website you need to have better than average reasons for visitors to stay and click on some of your other pages. Is your site easy to navigate? Are there enough quality pages full of great content? Do you have links that will help visitors get what they want?

Yeah, you could try all kinds of traffic building gimmicks to trick people into visiting your site, but to truly survive you will need to "keep it real" and ask yourself these questions before you post anything on your website.

1. Does this information uphold the image I want my website to project?

2. Is there enough worthwhile material for anyone to spend time here?

3. Have I considered my visitor when writing?

4. What else can I do to make this site better and/or different from my competition?

Make sure you have a way to determine what is working and what is not. Offer a way for your visitors to leave feedback. Better yet, create a great E-zine and see how many of your visitors subscribe. But keep the information fresh and relevant.

Keep it real! No tricks. People don't want to waste time clicking on crap that adds no real value. That's not how you build traffic. That is how you lose it. How often do you return to a restaurant that has treated you badly, or just wasn't what it promised to be?

Keep your content original. Remember that no one else has had the same experiences as you. Share those experiences on your website because you can bet someone else is looking for your answers and solutions. Your content has to be valuable. No one is going to link to a site with the same old useless, passed around information. And those back links, as they are known, are valuable ingredients in the quest for high page ranking from the major search engines.

Social bookmarking on sites like del.icio.us, digg.com, reddit.com and others are very important modern forms of driving traffic to your website via word of mouth.. Spend some time getting to know these popular sites. And among the most obvious--but probably most often overlooked-- traffic building tip is to write for humans! That's who will ultimately reward you with their clicks and referrals.

Keep it real, update regularly and write as if you were reading your own material and you should have no trouble building a popular website that continues to deliver consistent traffic day after day, week after week, and.....well, you get the idea!!

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