Using Viral Marketing To Advertise Your Niche Business

Viral marketing is perhaps the most cost effective way to advertise your niche business. Also known as word-of-mouth advertising, when done effectively, this style of marketing will spread a message like wild fire through social networks, therefore increasing brand awareness and sales.

Although this type of marketing has been around for centuries, the internet is where marketing of the viral nature has become a favorite of individual bloggers and entrepreneurs alike, and--unlike spam--is shared by like minded people interested in similar subject matter.

Most multi-level marketing or network marketing companies and--unfortunately--Ponzi scams and pyramid schemes are good examples of this type of marketing.

However, long before the internet became the e-commerce super highway, off line versions such as chain letters, gossip, urban myths, leaked information from official reports and rumors were popular. Recently, one presidential candidate successfully used the "viral" method to raise a record amount of campaign funds in one month!

Viral marketing should be a very important part of your overall marketing strategy for many reasons. First, it is among the least expensive ways to introduce your niche business to potentially thousands of people, in most cases without spending any money.

Wow!!! FREE advertising!! What could be better?

However, just make sure your audience is open to the message you want to deliver. Yes, Virginia, there are rules for even the simplest marketing strategy. This one is no exception. Once mastered, however, the world is your oyster, so to speak.

Digesting as much information as possible about all types of marketing could help you get more traffic to your website, or a higher page rank in the search engines, more customers, or more sales. And, after all, isn't that why you started your own business in the first place?

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